Even though there is a lot of competition in the real estate market in Chiang Mai, Thailand. But Space & Co, the real estate company decided to launch the new project “Monotown” which is 40 units townhome, and surprisingly there already sold out before the project was completely constructed!

Khun Jack, Managing director of Space & Co mentioned that the high light of this project is the simple design, the monotone color,  with Japanese style. So the name of this project is “Monotown” モノタウン

Khun Jack also indicated that the main customer of this project was the new-gen type with age group around 30-40 that works freelance or an investor.  All of his customers were fall in love with the simple design of this project including the function of the house.

Monotown = Work smart like a new-gen

Not only the design of this project that melts the customer’s heart but also the management of the team that took care customer and organized like a new-gen that work smart by using new technology.

Monotown choose Ploy for CRM system

Khun Jack always trusted in Ploy. He used it to track all of the activities and process of the sales team through online. He can see the sale number and analyzed the data while coming up with the new sale strategy.

Khun Rung, sale and marketing, Space & Co, also added up that the first thing she did every morning is to check the work schedule on Ploy, to see if there is any customer deal left that she needs to contact or if she has an appointment with any clients or not. Ploy will conclude everything for her, make her work easier and more organized.

To become a salesperson, we need to know how to sell which is to become a good listener. We need to listen to the clients, to find out what the clients really wanted and use our product to answer to the client’s needs.


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