SCG, Krungsri Finnovate, and BCH Ventures jointly invest Series B+ in Builk One Group

Strengthening technology and financial services for the construction and real estate industry Ready to push forward plan to go public next year

Bangkok – 24 August 2021: Builk One Group, the developer of enterprise management solutions and E-commerce platform for the construction and real estate industries, e.g., Pojjaman, Jubili by Builk, Yello Smart Purchase ,receive a new joint investment from 3 partners that will enhance the potential of doing business to the next level, consisting of SCG, a leader in building materials innovation in Thailand and the ASEAN region; Krungsri Finnovate, a Corporate Venture Capital firm (CVC), a subsidiary of Krungsri Group, a leader in supporting and investing in innovative technologies and startups both nationally and regionally, and BCH Ventures under Benchachinda Group, a leader in providing telecommunication technology and digital solutions in Thailand and the ASEAN region.

This investment is a strategic investment that will jointly drive the software services group (Software-as-a-Service) for the construction and real estate industry, which Builk One Group offers a comprehensive range of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Construction Technology software services for the management of “Cost-Time-Quality” for construction and real estate projects which covers Digital Transformation connecting stakeholders throughout the supply chain leading to the extension of related financial technology (FinTech) services.

In addition, the acquisition of new alliances as a provider of telecommunication and information technology will help support the strong expansion of Builk One Group’s solutions on a secured cloud infrastructure that is suitable for current and future work patterns.

Builk One Group is a Thai tech startup with over 16 years of experience in building construction management software before expanding and creating new business model innovations to continue doing Big Data business in the construction industry and providing services. The e-commerce sells B2B construction materials with a total solution for user base of more than 40,000 businesses in ASEAN. The construction industry is a large industry that drives the economy both domestically and regionally. Nowadays, modern technology is being adapted to increase work efficiency and reduce risks in business management.

According to the investment, SCG Distribution Company Limited, Cement-Building Materials business of SCG, reinforces its policy to grow with innovation by jointing investment in Builk One Group to develop a digital platform to increase work efficiency for the construction industry as well as the ecosystem covering construction material, manufacturers, contractor, supplier, project owners, and customers to work together seamlessly which will enable the construction industry to grow sustainably. It will also enhance SCG’s ability to expand its business through other platforms and able to expand the network to foreign countries more quickly.

“This collaboration will enable all sectors in the construction industry ecosystem to effectively connect and access construction products and services.”

Mr. Bunn Kasemsap
Managing Director of SCG Distribution Company Limited

SCG’s Cement-Building Materials Business, said, “SCG has continuously invested in digital technology. according to the company’s innovation development strategy. We foresee that digital technology will be the thing that will drive the construction industry by leaps and bounds. This investment is considered a combination of SCG’s strengths which is a leader in the production and distribution of construction materials with a strong distribution network; and Builk One Group, a specialist in digital platforms that can reach customers in the construction and real estate business as well. This collaboration will enable all sectors in the construction industry ecosystem to effectively connect and access construction products and services. The first project will begin with the development of a platform that empowers large contractors. Including medium and small contractors, End-to-End Solution enables effective project management. Both have quick access to technology and building materials products through SCG’s network while helping to control costs and turnaround time professionally.”

“We want to creating opportunities to help various groups of Krungsri business customers especially SMEs in the construction business to gain access to tools that could help enhance business efficiency.”

Mr. Sam Tanskul
Managing Director at Krungsri Finnovate

said, “Construction business is an important business for the Thai economy due to a large number of infrastructure-related projects. Builk One Group is a tech start-up that specializes in construction and real estate businesses using a platform that covers all dimensions as an important mechanism in such businesses in Thailand and ASEAN. It also proves the growth rate of the business in the past, even though the industry may have been affected by COVID-19 for some time, it still has the potential to grow continuously. Krungsri plans to invest further and seeks opportunities to work with new startups using their strengths in capacity building and collaboration. Therefore, this investment in Series B+ with Builk One Group will complement the Krungsri Group’s Living Ecosystem strategy and will support the expansion of strategic cooperation in the future – especially collaboration to expand customer base and create value for banking services such as payment solutions, providing credit or other financial products by relying on the available database, etc., including creating opportunities to help various groups of Krungsri business customers especially SMEs in the construction business to gain access to tools that could help enhance business efficiency. In addition, Krungsri will also be able to leverage Krungsri and MUFG’s strengths in the ASEAN region to help promote business expansion opportunities abroad in line with the goals that the Builk One Group has set.”

“Investing in Builk One Group, this time, it looks at the return on investment for medium-term returns as well as extending the service platform between investors and portfolio companies.”

Mr. Pirachai Bencharongkul
Investment Director of BCH Ventures Company Limited (BCH Ventures)

under Benchachinda Group, said that BCH Ventures’ investment approach will consider investments into 2 types: medium-term (1-5 years) and long term (5+ years). The businesses that BCH Ventures are interested in investing in are mostly considered from the executives or founder who founded the company, the talented team and type of business that BCH Ventures focuses on, such as businesses that create innovations to support AI in the future, as well as potential businesses that can be extended to synergy with the business of Benchachinda group of companies. Investing in Builk One Group, this time, it looks at the return on investment for medium-term returns as well as extending the service platform between investors and portfolio companies. “Builk One Group management team have profound knowledge of construction business know the pain points of the construction work, therefore, starting with the idea of developing a platform to meet the contractors. Currently, Builk One Group has strong investment partners in every aspect which I see that this investment is fully responsive to the investment of BCHV and can synergy with the group in the future and expects to see returns from this investment in the medium term within 3 years.”

Mr.Bunn Kasemsup
Managing Director, SCG Distribution Co.,Ltd., Cement-Building Materials Business, SCG


SCG, one of ASEAN’s leading conglomerates, operating business in compliance with ESG principles and sustainable development goals in the economy, society, and environment underpinned by good governance. SCG is comprised of three core businesses: Cement-Building Materials Business, Chemicals Business, and Packaging Business. SCG strives to respond to our customer’s diverse needs through collaborative partnership cultivation and innovative products, services and solutions development.

Mr. Sam Tanskul,

Managing Director, Krungsri Finnovate Co., Ltd.



Krungsri Finnovate Company Limited is a corporate venture capital (CVC) arm of Krungsri that aims to be a fully strategic investor supporting FinTech as well as other banking-related tech startups in Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia to grow toward their set goals through three core activities: the Venture Builder and Accelerator Program, strategic partnership, and CVC investment, which are made possible through collaboration with Krungsri’s related business units.

Mr. Pirachai Bencharongkul



Benchachinda Group is a leading service for telecommunication technology and digital service provider in Thailand and Asean consisting of 4 business units: Network Solutions Group (NSG), Broadband Group (BBG), Distribution Group (DTG) and Digital Solution Group (DSG), Benchachinda Group has invested in startups through BCH Ventures, integrating the company’s digital infrastructure to broaden the scope of the company’s existing core businesses in digital services and solutions. With our reliable digital infrastructure and expertise, we can enhance all scales of businesses through digitization of business processes to increase their productivity and profitability, and to help them meet their customer expectation

Mr. Patai Padungtin

CEO / Co-founder
Builk One Group Co., Ltd.


Builk One Group is Bangkok-based construction tech startups with more than 16-years experiences in software development. It has expanded to digital platforms with innovative business model using Big Data for construction industry and offered the B2B e-commerce for building materials through its user base of more than 40,000 companies across Southeast Asia. Currently, Builk One Group’s services consist of BUILK.COM, Pojjaman ERP, Yello Samrt Purchase, JUBILI CRM, PLOY CRM, KwanJai Service, BUILK360, BUILK INSITE and BUILK BillLoader.

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